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Terms of Use and Privacy policy

By accessing (loading) the website (hereinafter also: the site) of the Listed SME Research Hub (hereinafter also: The Research Hub), you (hereinafter also: the visitor or the user) do hereby agree and give your consent to be bound by the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as by all and any subsequent amendments, and you do hereby undertake to observe these. In case you disagree with any of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy hereunder, please do not use this site. As of the moment of their first visit of the website of the Listed SME Research Hub, it shall be considered that the visitor does hereby agree and give their consent to observe the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Within the meaning of the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the concepts as set forth below shall have the following meaning:
"Site" shall be the entire information, all and any copyrighted images, design, texts and other materials or resources, accessible at the following web address: https://www.listed-sme.com/ or at any of the said web address' sub-domains.
"Link (hyperlink)" shall mean an object duly indicated on a given website that allows navigating to another website or object.
"User" shall be any individual who makes use of any of the site’s services.
"Services" of the site shall include, but not be limited to:
  - Access to the sites information resources/data as provided via a web browser;
  - Access to the sites information resources/data provided otherwise via remote access (data flows, RSS feeds, electronic tables, etc.);
  - Receipt of email messages by duly registered users of the site.
  - Receipt of data via different electronic means by the site's visitors.
"IP Address" shall be a unique identification number, associated with a computer, a website or a resource of the user in a way that allows their localization within the world wide web.
"Force majeure/chance occurrence, unavoidable accident" shall be a circumstance of extraordinary nature unforeseen as of the moment of drawing up the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that renders the provision of the services in fact impossible.
"Malicious attacks launched by third persons" shall mean activities or the lack thereof on the part of third persons, which come into contradiction with the rules of the Internet ethics, inclusive of, but not limited to, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service ), spamming, flooding, gaining access to resources using somebody else's rights and passwords, utilizing faults within the systems for the purpose of benefiting oneself or obtaining information, performing activities that may be classified as industrial espionage or sabotage, harming or destroying systems or data arrays, forwarding "Trojan horses" or causing installations of viruses or remote control systems, interfering with the normal activities with the other Internet users, etc.
The present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall be only binding with regard to the relationships between you being the user of the website services and the Research Hub. You are hereby granted the right to utilize the services of the site solely for personal and non-commercial purposes, unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise under an agreement.

Cookies Policy

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A cookie is a piece of data that web sites send to a web user’s web browser in order to understand more about that user’s interests and intentions in using the site.

1. Website Contents

The website contains texts, images, databases, charts, pictures, logos, photographs, trademarks and other information pertaining to the Research Hub. The documents produced by the research provider are owned by the research provider and the recommendations given in those documents are their responsibility.

2. Copyright

All rights are reserved. All and any intellectual property rights over the information resources (including, but not limited to texts, images, databases, charts, pictures, logos, photographs), materials, software programs and applications as published on the site are the property of the Research Hub and/or of the respective right holders, where specified. The said information resources are object matter of protection under the valid copyright act. The unregulated utilization thereof shall constitute a legal offense and shall result in civil, administrative and penal liability in accordance with the valid legislation.

You may freely publish links to the site, where the source and the author of the respective material shall be specified. The utilization of any of the resources provided without the explicit consent duly granted by the Research Hub in writing shall be prohibited. An exception to the foregoing shall only constitute the statistical data, the usage of which is allowed where the Research Hub is explicitly stated as the source thereof.

Where resources are provided on the website, the copyrights of which are held by third persons, this fact shall be explicitly stated, and the name of the author and a link to the source shall be duly published.

3. Liabilities

The Research Hub shall not be held liable in the event where the resources of the website have been utilized by visitors for purposes that are different from those described under the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Research Hub always strives to submit truthful and accurate information to users; however, it shall not be held liable for damages or losses (notwithstanding whether direct and/or indirect) inflicted as a result of using the present website and the information resources contained therein.

The Research Hub shall not be held liable for any activities undertaken by the users thereof, which activities deviate from the purposes of the site and violate the ethical standards of the Internet environment, the good manners or the valid legislation. The liability in the foregoing events shall solely lie with the User who has undertaken the activities in question.

The Research Hub may not be held liable for any damages whatsoever inflicted by way of the services provided, or by the actions or the lack of actions on the part of users of the site, upon third persons. The Research Hub may not be held liable for the contents of websites, to which links are provided, or to which users have published such links. The Research Hub may not be held liable for, and it does not guarantee the truthfulness, the comprehensiveness and the exhaustiveness of the information and/or of documents published by users.  The Research Hub may not be held liable in the event where any contents (news, information resource, etc.) published by a user turn out to be object matter of a copyright held by a third person. Should that be the case, having been duly notified thereof, the Research Hub shall be hereby obligated to remove the aforesaid contents, as well as to undertake actions against the respective User.

4. Rights and Obligations of The Research Hub

The Research Hub shall have the right to edit any contents published, in the event where these do not meet any of the terms and conditions as specified herein, as well as those of the Internet ethical standards, of the good manners or of the valid legislation.

The Research Hub shall be obligated, as far as it lies with it, to ensure normal access in order to make use of the services as provided by the site not only by registered users, but also by other visitors of the website.

5. Users Rights and Obligations

Each User shall be entitled to free access to the websites resources.
Each User shall be entitled to protection of the data, the information and all resources as provided by the site.

Each User shall be obligated to observe the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the Internet environments ethical standards, the good manners and the valid legislation with reference to the utilization of the services as provided by The Research Hub and the resources published.

Prior to publishing any texts or other resources on the website, each User shall make sure these are truthful and complete.

6. Amendments to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy may be amended and supplemented on the initiative of the Research Hub or as a result of amendments introduced to the applicable legislation. Upon an amendment to the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, The Research Hub undertakes to publish these on its website.

7. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising between the parties with regard to the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall be resolved through direct negotiations held by these. In case of a failure to reach concord, each of the parties hereto may request the co-operation of the competent judicial authorities.

8. Applicable Law

Where implementing and interpreting the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as with regard to any matter remaining unsettled under the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the legislation of North Macedonia shall apply.